Made in Taiwan

Tina Graf
Vernissage 15.05.2019, 19 Uhr
Ausstellung 16.05. -31.05.2019

Made in Taiwan
tells a story about my journey back to my place of birth. With one backpack, one
sketchbook and one pen I’ve started to chase after interaction, communication and other people’s private and unique stories. Getting involved and connected had become my modus operandi. My greatest inspiration is derived from the environment and surroundings in which I find myself. In my daily life I am continually in search of
paradoxes, irony, satire, and taboos, from which to draw from and incorporate into my work.
Throughout these extraordinary moments, details, forgotten stories and every day
banalities, I made many sketches and notes. Back at the studio these sketches and notes served as the basis for developing new works. Creating works in several steps and layers allowed me to push things from what they are to what they might be. From inconspicuous to apparent, from unremarkable to unique, and from forgotten to visible again.

Tina Graf
Tina die Gräfin
*1997 Taitung, Taiwan
Seit 2015 Universität Mozarteum Bildende Künste, Kunst und Werkpädagogik